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at the rearview beer. another reason to hate facebook. creditors now using social media to use social media on whether or not they will loan you money. ash from the fire is now raining down on the water supply. we will have that and lots more in this hour of markets now. ♪ connell: markets now begins. it is all about syria. you have to look at the fact here that we are seeing today. >> we only have four days left in the month of august. the dow is off session lows. we did get a report for june home prices. higher mortgage rates definitely affecting the housing markets. moments ago, we got a statement from the sec. a spokesman saying that the chairwoman will meet the head of the exchanges and regulators. they will talk about addressing the market data. connell: that will be something to follow up on. chuck hagel speaking out saying the united states is prepared to strike syria the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime was "undeniable. " a foregone conclusion at this point. >> it certainly seems that way. i have been through this rodeo a lot of times. they do seem like they have cross
that and more coming up on this hour of "markets now." ♪ good to have you with us here on monday. dagen is off on vacation this week, but we have a lot to talk about, brian westberry starting off on the economy. keep in mind, brian, he's been on a lot, and what he says, it's a plow horse economy, that's cue to do whatever you want to do, but he uses that phrase. we'll see how long it takes to get into it. after closing down for three straight weeks, the dow kicking off the week here higher. let's look at the markets now. lauren is on the floor today at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning. just as we started speaking, the dow industrials hitting fresh highs for the day. we don't have a huge move, but nudges, the biggest seen so far today. three green arrows across the board. facebook, they are hitting almost 42 a share right now, and so we'll see if we can get to 45. there's a lot of folks who bought facebook last may at $45 a share. that's powering techs higher today, and if you look at the dow industrials, the biggest gainer is home depot. that's a nearly 3% gain there,
program in the middle east. regime has used those weapons multiple times this year and has used them on the smaller scale but still it has used them against its own people including not very far from where last wednesday's attack happened. we know that the regime was specifically determined to rid the damascus suburbs of the opposition. and it was frustrated that it hasn't succeeded in doing so. we know that for three days before the attack the syrian regime's chemical weapons personnel were on the ground. making preparations. and the syrian regime elements. and putting on gas masks and taking precautions associated with chemical weapons. and we know where the rockets were launched from and at what time. we know where they landed and when. we know rockets came only from regime controlled areas and went only to opposition controlled or contested neighborhoods, and we know, as does the world, that just 90 minutes later all hell broke loose in the social media with our own eyes, we have seen thousands of reports from 11 separate sites in that damascus suburbs, all of them show and repor
blackberry stock way of today. companies looking for new alternatives. steve forbes is coming on to tell us about getting rid of that irs. this is interesting. revolutionizing travel. elon musk expected to make an announcement today. nyc to l.a. in 45 minutes. we will explain. markets now. ♪ connell: it is good to be with you on markets now. we will get to steve forbes in just a minute. we begin with stocks now. the dow is up a little bit. adam shapiro is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. adam: good morning. the s&p is still in negative territory. apple is up over 2%. just to give you some idea of who is winning and who is losing on the dow, cisco and ibm. connell: thank you very much, adam. the irs is still targeting tea party groups. steve forbes says forget about it. let's get rid of the irs altogether. thank you for coming in. >> i think there is a growing consensus. i think we can get rid of it all. people realize it is beyond redemption. given these scandals, why not just start all over. start with a new culture, new tax code. connell: the flat tax. you have been talking
of justice's blocked merger of american and u.s. air ways. ahead, north carolina chamber of commerce with why her state is putting up a fight. lori: donald trump a fraud, why he's sued, and what he calls taking advantage of student, and what legal council is telling fox business. we have more breaking news coming up. adam: expecting winter, cold, what did you think i was going to say? dire predictions, arctic blast expected to return with a vengeance. time for stocks, going to the floor every 15 minutes. lauren is there this morning, and the dow is up, not dramatically, despite bad news with durable goods order. >> yes, and another four-letter word for you, "slow." that's the volume here at the stock exchange, and the dow's up, s&p's up a quarter percent each. the nasdaq is the out performer here, but you're right, the durable goods trend for the month of july out an hour before the market opened this morning with a huge disappointment, down 7.3%, like a one-two punch when you take intoing the friday's disappointing numbers and nine-month low for new home sales and the durable goods report, p
in this hour of market now. ♪ connell: good to have you with us on markets now. very serious news to get us started off. the secretary of state john kerry will begin a statement on the situation in syria shortly. rich at ten joins us to put it all together. he is live at the white house. >> meeting to discuss what is going on in syria. secretary of state john kerry will make remarks to the nation about syria. this eighth day after they spoke with lawmakers last night. the administration offered little clarity. >> secretary kerry said we would offer the president a broad range of options. we talked for an hour and a half and they did not mention it. >> they continue to provide a robust discussion with the members of congress on what they are trying to do here. we expect to get the release of a public intelligence report. this intelligence report will demonstrate that the syrian regime did use chemical biological weapons against its own people. the three rich, thank you. rich edson at the white house. judy miller, let me start with you. we may find out more today. the white house making its c
secretary of defense kitty mcfarlane joining us to talk about what president obama should do about it now. ashley: home prices omri's the the kissel report is a look in the rear view mirror. what does it mean in the keys of rising interest rates? lori: the above administration's economic team, charlie gasparino's exclusive reporting and who could be next to join the lineup. dennis: is not your father's would remark and was your father's it senior chinese communnst official or russian oligarchic. a new brand of luxury emerge in as global wealth disperses to less than 1%. cheryl: sandra smith is at the cme has oil jumps 3%. let's begin with lauren simonetti at the stock exchange where the dow is down big. lori: near session lows, 3 points away, the stock is intensifying as we get later into this session. we get economic data, it wasn't terrible on home prices and consumer confidence but nonetheless syria being the main headline this is what investors are focused on. is not the only culprit to the. we can't forget the debt ceiling, the fed pays back, all these are painting a picture is that
if with the international strategist. lori: the new threat. adam: how will spending cut affect u.s. action in syria. lori: stocks rebounding after a two-day slide. >> you have that right. stocks pushing at session highs right now. this is a rally. if you look at the numbers for the week, the dow and s&p 500 are down about 1%. adam: fear of a u.s. missile strike in syria said oil prices to a five. sandra smith is in the pits of the cme with today's trade. sandra: just below $100 a barrel. traders have conflicting opinions on how much a premium is right now. one dollar to $10. we have been talking to folks on that. some analysts think this is a great possibility. they are continuously monitoring the supply and demand situation in the oil market. meanwhile, looking to gold. not seeing it in gold prices right now. down about one dollar. we made the big job, still down on the session it is a wait and see mode. markets are watching very closely. adam: thank you. lori: meanwhile, the president weighed options. the assad regime is preparing for a chemical. rich edson joins us now from the white house. rich: they
the chairman of dallas holding joins us. lori: crackhouse crumbling? you know, brazil and russia and india and china falling behind performance the emerging markets still have a place in your portfolio. dennis: a little housekeeping while feeling buried under paper work at the office could be good. lori: or not. whose office is that? [laughter] in the meantime just 40 minutes away will there be a tapered timeline? let's head to the new york stock exchange with adam shapiro. >> they are pulling off of session lows the dow is only down 47 points according to one hour ago with three hours left. the s&p is back but it is down six points but shares of sallow are trading down 8 percent today still up at the 52 week high but the 52 week low was $23 a share on november 16, 2012 -- 2012 ford zillow. the president will talk about the administration's policy on zillow streamed life taking place this hours we're keeping an eye on the shares but we're pulling off on the morning's low of. >> warehousing push roselawn taking questions from the kootenays session -- q and a session from of phoenix and eric
. lauren simonetti joined us at the new york stock exchange. >> the dow is up near session highs. the fix is down. that sets the stage for a market not as nervous as it was yesterday. you have chevron and exxon leading the dow. mcdonald's is contributing ten positive points to the dow as well. green across the board. connell: we will take it. and the attack on syria. how soon could we actually see military action? let's go live to the white house with rich at finn. rich: last night they had a cabinet meeting. they are waiting for a report from the administration. the waiting game continues in washington. there are those who are signing onto this idea. the movement is growing on capitol hill. meanwhile, congress is still out for the next couple of weeks. inspectors will need at least four days. we will continue to consult and keep the situation in syria under close room. this on the heels yesterday of a hacker group identifying itself as a syrian army disrupting websites. this is becoming a new dimension. connell: thank you. we will talk about that. we have brian finch. rich talked about a
2008. all right. joining me now for more details, breaking it down for us, carl record on us. thank you for joining us. you are looking for 200,000 payrolls added. you along with so many others expecting a stronger jobs report. what happens? why did it falls short? >> things came on the south side and there seems to be mostly coocentrated within the private service sector some of those categories seem to slow down relative to the pace of gains earlier this year. however, there were a few encouraging signs. first of all, manufacturing employment which had been negative for several months finally seems to turn a corner producing job gains last month. also earlier this week we saw that the manufacturing survey really showing some impressive gains. so maybe after a soft pass in the first half manufacturing is picking up. when manufacturing picks up a lot of associated industries in the service sector improved. lori: it came in strong, but they downgrade its first quarter growth. this economy is nothing to get excited about. >> well, it is not anything to get excited about, but the profile,
on their activity, so that is broadly supportive of not only overall u.s. growth but the u.s. cap the market and financial market incorporations to benefit from the ability to sell more goods overseas. lori: does the export growth signal to you possibly a stronger jobs report next week? what are we looking at? payrolls created? >> we see jobless claims hold down near the record lows since the crisis ended, generally positive steady as she goes for the labor market, nothing. the robust numbers he wanted to see come out of such a deep slump but something you can still be able to the unemployment and keep growing jobs faster than the rate of the population. lori: what do you see the headwind to the economy now? we are gaining up for another budget battle in washington. any of these risks in your mind? >> some of the concerns appear to be fading a bit but with the budget battle will be the overhang the next few weeks. these things tend to go down to the wire. that puts us on edge through at least mid-october. that is a something that could really hold back the market for the next few weeks and o
rather than till death do us part. connell: off to a good start. raspberry instead of apple. we have to rush to the news here. dagen: eckerd over the weekend. we have it all covered. connell: first the markets. last week was a rough week for stock markets. >> the dow was down 2.1% last week. the worst week for the dow and more than a year. they spoke in apple shares. it is kind of casting over the market a little bit. retail continues a little bit. they reported their numbers for the quarter. very convenient that dollar general got an upgrade today. that stock is up. dagen: deadline day today in detroit. connell: let's bring in jason riley. they are saying is detroit really bankrupt? >> there are a lot of people who will take issue with what detroit is trying to do. it is important to remember before they got here. they are responsible for their own on doing. until a couple years ago, if you are a public safety official in detroit, you could retire at 55 with 80% of your salary and health care. this is the day of reckoning. it is important that this be done right. this is the first c
and expanding. here in the u.s., it is all about inventory. the crude oil inventory was initially taken as a bullish number. it is actually in line with expectations. gasoline demand is improving and production is falling. it seems like the refiners think fall is coming. they are starting to come back. the drawdown in gasoline supplies. the bears influence on the market back to you. adam: we might need that heating oil. you heard about that crash juts outside of birmingham alabama. a pilot and copilot aboard that airbus 300 died. we are now going live to fox news correspondent jonathan cary. >> ntsb investigators are on scene trying to figure out what brought down the fly. there was rain and low cloud throughout the morning. the ntsb said a full go team was looking into the crash. there are no homes in the immediate area where the plane went down. no one on the ground was injured because of this sparsely populated area. ups confirms the aircraft was in a cargo jet. it was flying to birmingham from louisville, kentucky. "we placed the utmost value on the safety of our employees, our cust
and transparent, now is the time to get the answer. tell us why yo you're doing what you are doing and maybe people will be a little bit more forgiving. dagen: did he get any momentum, did he get any pop from where he is talking about housing which can come back to bite you in your you know what. >> people want barack obama to stop what around the country and talking about these issues, lock himself in a room and sit with republicans and democrats to focus on these issues. it would be significant lehigh or if we didn't have his people leaving the labor force so people are not satisfied. he talked a lot about compromise. they are not seeing it. somehow he will come in as well. the function's ball, got the highest rating. >> you talk to barack obama's pollsters. what you see is barack obama despite having a rating below 2%, the most pop the politician in the country. you need to have somebody beating you at your own game before people can get you. the problem is he is at around 47, 48%. all things equal, he is in pretty good shape. dagen: how long have you and i known each other? i am an idiot
, and that could be useful for him to do. dagen: in terms of our frosty relationship with russia, what can unthaw it? is there anything? do we need to worry about that? you can pick up a host of problems and issues we had with the country in recent years. >> well, president obama came to office assuming if he kissed the nether regions of putin, he would be rewarded, and putin would be a handsome prince or something of that equivalent. he did the kissing, but the nice president putin is still missing. we abandoned missile defense installations in poland and czech republic, two countries pursuing democratic courses, very good friends of the united states, hillary clinton, secretary of state, placed a call to the president from poland at midnight, refused to take the call, and i don't blame him a bit. the idea that if we were nicer, sweeter, made concessions to putin, his russia would be our phren was a fallacy from the beginning, and it appears that president obama has finally figured that out. it took him longer than it took jimmy carter to learn about the communists. dagen:ments to avoid another
and coming out with news and earnings. dagen: news alert, 19 u.s. embassies, predominantly muslim countries will remain closed until at least saturday as the state department continues to stay on guard for potential terror attacks. the threat of al qaeda in yemen and beyond and the threat to our markets at home. let's bring senior equity strategist at wells fargo and k. t. mcfarland, lucky to have current studio with me, former deputy assistant secretary of defense in a fox news national security analyst, to you first. is this the most serious threat we have seen from an al qaeda affiliate since 9/11? >> a more serious alert i have seen in my lifetime. there are two things. one is closing the embassy's. business is being done with the united states government in 11 countries. the second thing is a worldwide travel alert whe telling americans all over the world avoid transportation hubs, avoid large public places, stay home, power under the bed and not just today or tomorrow, but august. if you're doing it through the end of august they will increase and put it through the end of september.
us the money mess lying beneath chicago's polk for money. dennis: a president headed to arizona, at the center of the housing bust but wiped out $7 trillion in homeowner equity. mr. obama have another plan to stabilize and boost the housing market. lori: newspapers, a new status symbol for billion is looking to flaunt their wealth. amazon's jeff bezos be with the washington post. dennis: the fight with george soros and carl icahn ran the. charlie gasparino as the long and short. time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes left head to the floor of the stock exchange, adam shapiro, stocks down. adam: not as bad as they were earlier. we are off of session lows and may go above 1700. one of the reasons the dow is down 82 points is ibm pulling but dow down and ibm is down 2.2% accounting for 34 points of of the dow but not only the biggest loser on the dow, they got a downgrade which says their stock price could go as low as $175 a year -- a share, a big fall down is ibm and one issue is people don't want their mainframes as much as they used to. lori: the windy city has one of the mo
violent, there have been clashes, threats by the libyan government to use force to get protesters out of the way. there is a report that one of the striking groups offered to sell oil on the black market and things are heating up. instead of focusing on catering and slowing demand like we are, we have threats of supply once again. we see it clearly expanding again. look at products, they were lower this morning. they are running higher and add to the momentum in the trading volatility and we have to timber contract expiring, and we're seeing a lot of buying in the october, selling in september, and picking up the oil. back to you. dennis: phil flynn of price futures group. cheryl: treasurys rising, tweeting you benchmark dropping from the highest level we have seen in two years, year yields jumped 20 basis points on speculation the u.s. economy, to slow stimulus in this meeting. and in the july meeting can be found tomorrow. dennis: barnes and noble shares got crushed as the founder walked away from this plan to buy the company's briquette mortar retail storefront. the company's chair
with eastern. >> off the board at jcpenney, cutting a deal to get what he wants. >> number one in the u.s., des moines, iowa mayor on why "forbes" ranked his city as number one. >> the privilege not to be americans as the u.s. cracks down on global tax evaders. >> live coverage and analysis of dennis lockhart's q&a coming up. >> busy hour. let's get you updated on the markets, floor of the new york stock exchange, and, lauren, stocks turning higher. what's driving it? >>s in past 20 minutes, there's been a reversal, dow and s&p snapping a two session losing streak, up arrows across the board right now, and dow's up 48 points, and, well, we have more declining stocks than advancing ones, but up arrows. this is what happened. moments ago, the atlanta fed bank president essentially said this tapering that we are talking about and expecting to happen next month might not fully happen because the economic data that we've been getting is relatively uneven, so, perhaps the qe continues longer. up arrows right now. back to you. >> take it while we got it. >> headline with attention, the department of j
it to us. we are deeply disappointed. one of the reasons it took three hours was we have a first and foremost responsibility for fair and orderly markets. we made sure that the entire industry was ready to come live. we did come live. we can live quite successfully. adam: we have an analyst for morningstar joining us now. he says it was not the system, but the connection that was the problem. there are some particular phrases that he uses. >> i think it is a little unclear. perhaps he means the changes somehow went awry. adam: when he says defensive driving, he denies there was any hacking going on here. there was some kind of external bad behavior on someone else? >> i do not have all of the facts. my take is that, i think, he is just referring that the systems interact properly. adam: are you hearing from other participants. >> over the longer term, i would disagree with that statement. i think market our disappearance will clearly be asking questions. when you are on the road, they will be asking hard questions. i think that nasdaq will remain a pretty strong competitor. adam:
are in for some turbulence. do not worry just yet, we see some great buying opportunity. joining us to talk about all of that is scott wren. we are in a dip now. you would expect that we would reverse that. >> i think so, adam. pullbacks are opportunities. it is the same thing we are telling them now. so far, not big on a percentage basis. it is an opportunity. i would like to see a little bit more. we want them prepared for the next year and a half. i think it will overall be good for the market. adam: do you think that the worst is over for them? >> the back-to-school season has not been very good. these retailers have been putting out a lot of unenthusiastic statement. consumer confidence will improve. i think it will improve over time. businesses will be more willing to do some spending. if you get the confidence up, things like industrials will do good. i think it is where clients overall need to be. adam: let me talk about a technical issue would get some people interested. many trading lower than they were a year ago. we do go up quite well on the s&p. >> usually, that is a good indicator.
strategist adjoins the -- wells fargo joins us. real little bit of what he has been writing. a couple of things on the surface to seems like he is absolutely out of his mind. now, why is the downside limited in the markets and your view right now? >> well, the reason why the downside is limited is because we actually still have an accommodative federal reserve, but most aboard me because the fundamentals, the earnings per share of businesses is actually continuing to improve, so we have some fundamental support for these financial markets. connell: we are going to talk specifically about some of them now. a crazy story about china today which we will get to, but another part of the world you highlighted. half joking saying that you may some assertions in recent comments that on the surface sound crazy. one of them is about d.c. our politics, but the other is that there are good opportunities in europe. it's difficult to say after what we've been through, but is now finally the time. there are good opportunities in europe. >> well, for many decades, the 70's and 80's germany was called
connell, it is yours. connell: thank you very much. things are wrapping up overseas with the u.s. sending a fifth destroyer to the mediterranean. after russia said it was sending ships to the region. we will retaliate, that is what is coming in from the syrian government today, the regime and allies, namely iran, as they wait to see what the u.s. will do. the german leader angela merkel pushing vladimir putin to get on board with international response to syria. he would say this is the moment for leaders. where are they? neil cavuto will step in to talk about it later this hour. and raising the global economy. the overall growth in these countries now matching that of the world's economic powers. money well spent, or maybe not. for a percent of america's best paid ceos have ended up as failures over the last 20 years. that is what a new survey has found. a lot more coming up on "markets now." welcome to "markets now," good to have you with us. we have a lot to talk about today. first to the market, better-than-expected economic reports pushing the stock market up again. lauren s
spitzer bringing two sides together. cbs, dennis has a story on that for us. monica crowley is here to wait on the low 2009 levels. the bank of america in turn, we will find out exactly what happened. ♪ connell: markets now begins with the news that is breaking. charlie gasparino joins us from the newsroom. charlie: the little bit bored. it may happen. it is about 4000 people combined. mergers are never easy. there are always synergies to be found. publicly, they have said nothing. spokespeople will not comment. in past segments, they have talked about synergies. spitzer is contemplating fairly significant cuts. the numbers he is going around are pretty significant. clearly, job cuts are in the air over there. this is pretty interesting. the new york stock exchange keeps a pretty large workforce. ice is pretty thin. the new york stock exchange has a lot of duplication. twenty lawyers doing the same thing. it is that duplication that he tends to take out as this merger progresses. it is set to close in the fall. after it closes, that is when you can see these job cuts. large cuts,
, but is it too good to be true? former ups economic adviser, george, says deflation concerns are real risks for u.s. investors to watch for. lori: move to break up the banks. chaferly has a call for one of wall street's top analysts. adam: h2/oh, my. forget the wine. this is the first water wine. say what? making money from tap water. martin reeds and the l.a. restaurant boasting a 45-page men knew focuses solo on aqua. lori: to the floor where nicole is watching jcpenney, a stock turn around. >> that's right. following the averages, the dow, nasdaq, s&p posting gains. we had back-and-forth action and seeing whether or not it's four straight days of losses, in which case, it would be the longest losing streak; however, it's turned around. solid gains at the moment for the dow at 52 points. jcpenney up 7%, as you noted, lori, at the top of the show, it's jumping. there's been reports, and there's an analyst covering this as well, but there's speculation as to whether or not they are true, but there's certainly a lot of people on wall street talking about jcpenney. here it goes. the former jcpenney c
thinking. tell us, please, it's yours. connell: thank you very much. we have a bunch coming up here in the hour, jaguar, for one, telling fox business they are looking into the incident on the l.a. freeway where the actor dick van dyke's car was up in flames. he's already, what type he was driving. we have ken from fox sports on the big money battle over a-rod saying his -- well, more complicated than you think, and unlike many people out there, ken says he's not ready just yet to pass judgment on a-rod, so he'll tell you why that's the case. jack, the co-founder of twitter, pushing the company square was asked about larry summers on the board of the company and the idea that summers could be the next fed chair. that comment in a minute, and the highest paid model in the world, no one comes close to gisel at $42 million a year. tom brady can do nothing and be just fine. all that and more coming up on this hour of "markets now." ♪ dagen: we stretch for reasons to talk about tom brady, is that it, or just run a video of a chick in her underwear? connell: that's more the case. dagen:
're eligible for coverage elsewhere. they cite changes from the affordable care act, obamacare. joining us is fox news contributor kristin harris and outreach director at freedom works and also a fox news contributor. what do you make of this? >> president obama was running a company, a business that provided goods and services he would be sued for false advertising because he has misled the american people. connell: people will be covered elsewhere. >> the other point is you can keep your current insurance. that is the thing. we are talking 15,000 spouses, family members who have to seek health insurance elsewhere so obama sold the affordable care act on the fact that it will be cheaper and you can keep your insurance when in fact americans have been misled. connell: people were expecting to keep their own insurance and in this case spouses who have jobs themselves need to go to another potentially another insurance company and go through there a player. would you think of it? >> the reporting on this is ups repeatedly cited obamacare as the reason for this but it is not clear why obamaca
this hour on the plan for the future of the postal service. connell: peter barnes joining us from d.c. peter: one of the things that he wants is the right to be able to sell and ship alcoholic beverages through the postal service. the postmaster general says the delivery of alcoholic beverages is on his wish list. he says the change could raise as much as $50 million a year for the postal service. we would like to be in the business. right now, ups and fedex have a lock on it. earlier this month, the senate government affairs committee changed the law. similar legislation has said that if they are allowed to start shipping booze, they would need to create new rules to make sure they are not shipped to people under the age of 21. connell: peter, thank you. peter barnes in washington for us today. you mentioned ups. first, to the markets. most investors fearing the day the fed pulls back. our next guest thinks the market is kind of detached. we hear about this all the time. >> there are a lot of things we hear about. the tapering has to happen. the stock market did have a blip. >> i think we w
compromises the services group, and it was better than expected helping us to pair our losses. we've seen the nasdaq move into the green today and make record new highs that we have not seen in 13 years to the nasdaq. dow and s&p, though, pulling back, no highs today. there is certainly this negative tone to the market today. the dollar's been flat, most of the names on the dow jones industrials are lower they'd with a few exceptions, about 24 of the names are read while only six are green, so that is a lot of names pulling back today. i wanted to also look here at fossil. they make watches, accessories, due to report, analysts now citing some skepticism, barclays, for example, they are now predicting that there's going to be deaccelerating sales trends based on what they have been doing the checks and finding this out. we are seeing fossil to the downside. back to you. lori: thank you for that. commodities, gold fell, get this, fifth straight session now, longest slump since may. we are in the trading pits of the cme. phil, gold, wow. >> it is hit today, lori. it has to do with the ism n
chris and holland joins us now from capitol hill. i am sure you heard dan henninger, one of the lead writers at the wall street journal had to say that the end of his remarks, 2% growth and what you would like to do so why not pick up and get into details, getting rid of the sequestration. what is your response to what dan said? >> we need to dig out of the economy. we are seeing growth but i will be first to agree growth is too slow which is why the government analysis is important. is the independent nonpartisan congressional budget office who has told us if the sequester remains in place you are talking about 1 million fewer jobs between now and the end of september of 2014 and that adds up to 0.7% gdp. according to the congressional budget office. it is clear the sequester is a drag on the economy. we proposed replacing the sequester so you achieve the same deficit reduction but over a longer period of time and for accommodation of more targeted cuts and also tax expenditures. connell: we will begin to that. the sequestration replacement essentially dollar for dollar is the same.
the hyperloop. will people use the multibillion dollar idea to travel? it's like a big vacuum tube. all that, and so much more coming up on this hour of "markets now. ♪ dagen: reunited and it feels so awkward. connell: sending you on a hyperloop to cover the story. dagen: big story. connell: the justice department filing the antitrust lawsuit to block the big merger. american airlines and let's go to lauren now at the new york stock exchange to look at the stocks. hey, lauren. >> huge news, a big impact on u.s. airway's stock, down substantially on heavy volume right now, down 8%, 17 # 3 p # is the level so this entire sector is getting hit. now, american trades on the pink sheets, those down 27% right now, so this is a huge story. the doj said that you just reduce competition in the space which for consumers means higher air fares; right? the overall market, dow down 56 points, nasdaq down 12, s&p's down four points right now. the best performer on the dow is hp. it's up about two and a half percent so, again, we have techs leading the way today, and other strong sectors are materials and
. lori: hank you for joining us. appreciate your analysis. dennis: jpmorgan is the biggest loser on the dow at the moment. "new york times" reporting that the bank hired the sun of a former chinese regulator. they asked why they even care. they hope to raise it up to $100 million. greenbacks looking to take advantage of that. today, the final day for organizations to file objections to detroit's bankruptcy filings. they must find that the city is insolvent and has negotiated in good place with creditors. if detroit is deemed eligible, it will be the biggest case in u.s. history. lori: in the meantime, president obama getting back to business. meeting with financial regulators about implementing dodd-frank peter barnes has the very latest. peter: that is just one of the latest things he has on his plate. very busy with things like egypt and syria. the president would like to keep the focus on jobs and the economy. foreign-policy issues may not let him do that. he goes on a two were later this week. congress is out on its regular august recess. he has a megaphone right now and he n
policies that got us into the mess in the first place, meaning, having the government put a gun to the banks' heads saying make loans to those not credit worthy and cannot carry a emergency mortgage. it's social engineering, this led to the meltdown, overflowed into the general economy, which is why we still have effects from the great recession. let's not make the same mistakes again, but the administration can't help itself. dagen: brian, final word. >> and, monica, you made a great point, and this week, also, the government is going after these banks and suing them for making these loans five, six, eight years ago. >> right. >> we got this cycle going where the banks are funding the government agencies, but the government's forcing the banks to do things that eventually get them in trouble and fund agencies again in the future. it's -- this whole thing is a mess, and i think -- if i were the president, i'd try to get out of it, but he's really not trying as hard as i'd like him to. >> well, because maybe he knows when the interest rates go up and the 30-year fixed rate mortga
battle began between security forces, the army command police who said they authorized the use of live -- live ammunition and deadly force to stop attacks on government buildings. on the other side you have the muslim brothers have firing back and thousands of other people, the crossfire. the latest numbers, a dozen dead and hundreds, if not thousands injured. the curfew went into place in cairo. the latest reports, despite a heavy military presence, there are still people of protesting in continuing this fight tonight as agent to sense deeper into chaos. tracy: is terrible. stay safe. another surprise. the new report clamming the top secret agencies broken rules thousands of times. lori: and killing vote. marisa meyer. the debate. fighting back on wall street, but it's the parking lion that has china in an uproar. details next. ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edgetec, like a
up. and a whole lot more as dagen mcdowell joins us on this hour of "markets now." dagen: a quick news alert for you, whitey bulger will not be testifying in his own trial. i read by the same, incredible story, incredible trials, but he will not be testifying. connell: a lot more to talk about on jobs. dagen: 152,000 jobs added in july, 22,000 jobs short of expectations. the unemployment rate fell. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with disappointment. nicole: you got these job numbers in, it was a disappointment. we are seeing the market selling off. this idea weaker jobs means good news, the fed will keep their bond buying in placee ultimately look, it is the weekend, we're getting out, the market at record highs this weekend, the dow jones industrials down 61 points. in addition to the job numbers, fewer people are bothering to look for jobs because they are so frustrated and fed up. some names lagging including chevron, coke cola and more. connell: the head of finance group at black rock. good to see you. everything else i hear is mediocre, what do
future problems. liz claman joins us now. liz: everything seems calm. what a difference from yesterday. in the wake of the flash freeze, the nasdaq has been seriously attacked. critics say that the nasdaq handled this terribly. in fact, former chairman said the nasdaq did a horrible job. they handled this terribly. he is not the only one. there was not enough communication. this morning in my one-on-one interview, i asked him about the critics and he started to push back on harvey pitt. listen. >> i think it is hard for people outside. liz: you are taking a snack that harvey pitt. >> i am just saying for anyone that is not there. it is hard for them to know. hard for them to comment intelligently in terms of what happens. we solve the problem within half an hour. certain members made a request in terms of having a longer period to quote. that communication was there. i think to the extent that anyone was not involved, that was as active as you can get. liz: of course there was probably massive mayhem. many felt they were not spoken to. bob said they were having people talking and they
patent, they could use to perhaps push windows phone into more certifications. adam: we appreciate you being here. one day it may be worth something in the future. thank you very much, sir. lori: president obama is set to announce new measures and efforts to restore the public's trust in government surveillance programs coming on the heels of the closed-door meeting on privacy at the white house. president obama met with tim cook, stevenson and a host of other tech industry executives to talk spying, privacy and security in an effort to find a balance between the three. full detail expected at the news conference today and fox business will have live coverage of the event beginning at 3:00 p.m. eastern. adam: oil snapped a losing streak surgeon about $105 per barrel on bullish economic reports out of china. phil flynn is in the trading pits of the cme. don't you take a real risk in believing the economic numbers out of china? >> you do, changes from week to week. everybody was writing china off. they were selling oil on bad economic data. all the sudden china cannot get enough. yesterd
the economic outlook looks like for the u.s. and the globe? cheryl: maneuvering led the administration get ready for difficult rollout. dennis: if you thought you knew anything about this is the capital think again, charlie gasparino with new details. sac's indictment from the man who called it too two years ago. mark rossini is here but it is time to check stock as we do every 15 minutes and on the floor of the stock exchange's nicole petallides. new highs fresen be and dell. nicole: an exciting day on wall street. you are hoping for your 401(k) or your eye are a to go up, a band away and that is what everyone is seeing, record-setting day on wall street, all time record intraday highs in the dow jones industrial average. and fiesta be traded 1704. and since the year 2,000, and jobless claims came in at least for now. and exxon after the quarterly reports and procter and gamble fell 48% that they did expect 2014 earnings to share 5% and the company needs to get strong grip, here is a quick peek at exxon down 1.8% as operating costs on the rise and production similar. lori: crude oil up bi
jobs? >> fair point. dagen: glad to see you back, i love charles, who we'll see shortly. the u.s. military evacuating 70 embassy personnel from yemen, and form, cia agent, mike baker, on fighting terror. newspapers are the new trophy wives for the soup ire rich. that's what we say. jeff buys the washington post, but will this be a lasting marriage? actor george clooney calling out hedge fund manager dan lobe saying he's a greedy carpet bagger who doesn't know what actors do. a scandalous affair, one guest says that's what lawmakers did by opting out of obamacare before they went on vacation. all of that and so much more coming up this hour on "markets now." ♪ dagen: newspapers are the new trophy wives of the super rich and probably cost less money than women. first, the markets, dog days of summer giving investors little to trade on, but we have a market deep in the red right now, and look who is at the new york stock exchange. that's adam. >> hey, dagen. dagen: hey, adam. >> down 137 points on the dough, blame ibm. winners, though, three in the green, and disney, getting earni
at the nasdaq, the nasdaq telling us it is a data error. we expect to hear from them at any moment but clarify your thoughts on the goldman sachs angle. >> the only goldman sachs angle here is like two days ago there was an issue with option markets from the outside in that case goldman. this feels once again this isn't an exchange problem, not a problem within the nasdaq. sounds like something from outside coming in that they don't understand or can't gauge and that is going on. that is the only comparison i am making. there are so many market players. we have the centralized exchanges that are supposed to be responsible and a palpable. everyone is feeding off of their data and going in, one big happy melting pot of a global marketplace. what is happening is a lot of stuff happening quickly and even the people in programming don't understand what it is and that is my only point. my point is tuesday was goldman, today we don't know who it is. it could come from anywhere, some kid in his basement. cheryl: i want to clarify the breaking news situation and make sure i clarify again there's a lot
. they use it as a hedge against the dollar against currency debasement. it is names like david einhorn, cutting their gold holdings. we see them dumping out of spider gold trust. what we're seeing is essentially hitting levels we have not seen since february of 2009 off by 32%, so what wells capital trust advisors are saying is this is the armageddon premium coming off of gold, probably into september. the biggest annual loss since 1997 but it is spiking higher today. what we're seeing in the difference in paper gold trade versus demand for actual gold is up. the council report seeing demand still going like gangbusters in china, the middle east and turkey up double digits. seasonal demand coming in going into the fall for gold. two different storylines going on with gold. ashley: gold-mining stocks have done very well, but overall people are little bearish on gold up $25. on a inflation play. >> to have been buying gold for 10 straight quarters. watch out for the pendants putting a floor under gold. hsbc saying 1500 or so last spring. were they off big time. cnbc reporting on their ne
is the walking dead. it is unkillble. jeff, thank you, as always, for joining us. let's start there. why are you optimistic right now? >> the target right now, gosh, look at the comparisons, commodities are not in great shape, bond market continues to suffer through a fairly long bear market, and stocks are good. evaluations are attractive here, and earnings growth, well, not stellar, likely to improve as the economy picks up in the coming quarters so stocks are the best praise for the dollar. lori: fair just to characterize them as the best of the worst? there was a big "wall street journal" article that caught traction largely to blame for the dragging seen in the equity market last week that, in fact, stocks have become overvalued, the s&p forward pe is a four-year high, and perhaps that might send investors to the exits. >> that's right. bull markets do not end in a price earnings ratio of 16 where we are today. they all ended, at least since world war ii, between 17 and 18, still a good ways from here op the back of further earnings growth. we're not at the peak of the bull market cycle yet
with the selloff, seeing the biggest decline in a couple of months. nicole petallides starts us off on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: you are absolutely right. the lowest point, the biggest move to the downside since june 20. down about 1.5% right now. back on june 20 the dow dropped over 2%, this is the biggest moving percentage terms since that time. you have a couple of names that are weighing on the do dow jones industrial, better-than-expected economic news. walmart and kohls are two names we are following closely. as well as cisco systems. walmart higher payroll taxes are hitting the customers and not much customer traffic in walmart. a little less than expected, up 5.5%. really bucking the trend today, back to you. president obama: united states strongly condemns the steps taken by egypt's interim government and security forces. we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity. including the right to peaceful protest. we oppose the pursuit of martial law, which denies those rights to citizens under the principle that security
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